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Romance Adventure Fanfiction. A Whole New Adventure (Sonic X Reader Fanfiction). Knuckles and Chris following Lylem, and you, Sandy, Cosmo, Tails, Cream and. FanFiction | unleash. The next three days whizzed by and in no time at all it was Christmas. Tails and Cosmo had decorated their house beautifully with a 6 foot Christmas tree covered in lights, Christmas bulbs, garland, and ornaments in a rainbow of colors.

On top of the tree was a large angel with its wings and arms spread wide. FanFiction | unleash. Follow/Fav Taismo Quest 1: Christmas Menance.

By: SpeedyFrost. This is the first episode of Tails and Cosmo Adventure. This first story has a stakes place at North Pole, where it is in a crisis. Santa's island was about to get taken over by a racist ninja. What will happen next? FanFiction | unleash. " Merry Christmas, Cosmo. " " Merry Christmas, Tails!

" As they closed the gap, they wrapped their arms around the neck of one another. Their lips then met together and Tails wanted to take the kiss further. He licked her across the lips, which triggered them to open. He then put his tongue into her open mouth. Read Season 1: Part 1 from the story Tails and Cosmo by NadkaMcking with 399 reads.

tails, fanfiction, cosmo. It's been 7 months since the Cosmo's sacrifice. Ta. ThomasElias is a fanfiction author that has written 11 stories for Sonic the Hedgehog. FanFiction. Tails and Cosmo are reunited! But their troubles have only begun. Tails' parents disapprove of Cosmo, and Red Pine prepares for his appearance on Mobius. TXC Christmas Presents reviews. My Tails and Cosmo christmas story.

Contains. FanFiction | unleash. My Tails and Cosmo christmas story. Contains Mature sexual content. ! Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - Tails, Cosmo - Words: 4, 183. Christmas was approaching and Tails and Cosmo was starting to think what they should get for each other. Tails had a few ideas what would make Cosmo happy, but Cosmo. Tails and cosmo fanfiction christmas. Tails and cosmo fanfiction christmas kiss. Compare Search ( Please select at least 2 keywords ) Most Searched Keywords.

Licensing digital content 1. Anytime fitness in mcallen texas 2. Career planning guide 3. Acuity management group 4. Read Season 1: Part 3 from the story Tails and Cosmo by NadkaMcking with 287 reads. fanfiction, tails, cosmo. Tails wakes up Tails: *Yawns* Good Morning C. A. It's Tails' birthday and Cosmo surprises him with a little party.

After the party, Tails eventually recieves a little extra something from Cosmo. Content Tags: Anal Anthro COMPLETE Fingering HJ M/F Oneshot Oral FanFiction | unleash. Follow/Fav Tails X Cosmo A joyful reunion. By: ThomasElias. Contains Mature sexual content! My latest story; my take on how Tails and Cosmo got reunited. Tried to put some emotions in it besides the usual 'fun' stuff.

P Hope you enjoy it. Rated: Fiction M - English. Read Season 1: Part 2 from the story Tails and Cosmo by NadkaMcking with 369 reads. tails, fanfiction, cosmo. Tails: (That voice!. ) Cosmo is that you? Cosmo:. Cosmo the Seedrian/Miles" Tails" Prower; Cosmo the Seedrian& Sally Acorn; and more to come - Relationship; Platonic&.

Counterpart to Mario Fanfiction. It's been long time no see since Sonic's been with his friends. Cosmo the Seedrian/Miles" Tails" Prower (17) Amy Rose/Sonic the Hedgehog (4) Tails had always been the kindest, most loving person ever to Cosmo, and he loved her.

He really, truly loved her. And even after she was saved by Tails, even AFTER she sacrificed herself to save Sonic's galaxy (via second season of Sonic X), the devoted little flyer waited for her. Read Tails' embarrsing adventure ( A short funny fanfic) from the story Tails' embarrsing adventure by silver2001 (Viktor Nikiforov) with 1, 338 reads. fanfics. An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works Dec 2, 2010.

When Tails delivers Cosmo's Christmas present from him, she tells him that she has already recieved the greatest gift, ever - much to his horror. Dec 20, 2007. As Cosmo was sitting up from Tails' bed, she suddenly heard a noise. She turned her head. It won't be long until we open Christmas presents. TXC Christmas Presents reviews. My Tails and Cosmo christmas story. Contains Mature sexual content. ! Sonic the Hedgehog - Rated: M - English - Romance. Jun 27, 2013. Sonic said, scooting closer to Tails to make him warm.

" Yep, these stores are all about Christmas, Tails. . originally at Fanfiction. net