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We have an excellent selection to choose from, in a range of shapes and sizes, featuring contemporary or traditional religious images. Box of 16 Religious Christmas Cards 6. 5" x 4. 5" (16 x 11 cm) - 4 designs - with inset Old Master nativity scene, Christmas Greeting in gold lettering. Catholic Gift Shop - Our Lady of Lourdes Religious Gifts, Holy Water, Miraculous Medals, Holy Cards, Rosary Beads, Virgin Mary Statues, Religious Christmas Gifts ideas and Discount Catholic Products are all in our online Catholic Shop.

Our Catholic Christmas cards for this year are made specifically with Catholic messages and images of hope and meaning. The bible verses used are from the (View All) About The Catholic Company. Browse the advent wreaths, Christmas cards, Kneeling Santas and nativities we have available. Celebrating a Sacrament with your loved ones? Find the perfect gift to cherish the moment. We offer a variety of ideas for First Communion gifts, Confirmation gifts, Catholic Wedding gifts and Baptism gifts.

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Mass Intention Cards; Easter Cards; Get Well Cards; Sympathy Cards; Welcome to the Printery House. Through our online store, we share the Christian faith through the creation and distribution of Christian greeting cards, Christmas cards, Catholic prayer cards, and other contemporary religious art and Catholic gifts. We offer a beautiful selection of Christian cards, holy cards, Mass cards, gifts, items for the. Christmas Cards DaySpring's Christian Christmas cards celebrate the reason for the season with designs that emphasize the birth of Jesus Christ.

In our technology-driven world, Christmas is one of the few times when we turn away from texting and email to send personal, handwritten Christmas cards. CATHOLIC GIFT SHOP LTD is based in the UK and provides the best Catholic gifts First Holy Communion gifts, Prayer Cards, Virgin Mary Statues and Lourdes Souvenirs. Religious Christmas cards tell a story of the true meaning of Christmas. Beautiful and affordable cards feature the Nativity& more by The Gallery Collection.

Religious Christmas Cards - Box of 12 Christian Xmas Cards: Amazon. co. uk:. Pack of 4 Luxury Foil Religious Christmas Cards with Diamantes - Catholic - Christian £2. 99. Pack Of 12 Square Christmas Cards - Religious Mary, Baby Jesus, Wise Men& Star 5.

0 out of 5 stars 3. £2. 99. Next. Items 1 - 36 of 44. Catholic Religious Christmas Cards, Nativity Scenes and Bible references, Mass Bouquet. Boxed Christmas Cards - Old Masters (Pack of 16). CATHOLIC SHOP, Catholic Gifts, Holy Water, Miraculous Medals, Holy Cards. Christmas Cards, Advent Calendars& Lourdes Calendars; Christmas Cards.

Religious Christmas Cards - Box of 12 Christian Xmas Cards: Amazon. co. uk: Office Products. A large selection of Catholic boxed Christmas Cards. Check out our full range here! DIRECT FROM LOURDES Catholic Store, Holy Water, Rosary Beads, Our Lady of Lourdes. Give your loved ones a Lourdes Christmas Gift Card this Christmas. Westminster Cathedral is the largest and most important Catholic Church in England and Wales. The foundation stone of the Cathedral was laid on 29 June.

75th Anniversary of Religious Profession Card - Marvelous are God's ways. and the good news of salvation, remind us of the hope and holiness of Christmas.