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We've gathered a variety of winter baby names for you, from mythology, from Christmas and from literature, as well as those inspired by wintry weather. Come check out these wintry baby names and their meanings for boys and girls! How can the answer be improved? Spiritual girl names If you are of Christian faith, you may want to name your baby girl a spiritual or biblical name inspired by Christmas. Mary: Mary was the biblical mother of Christ Christmas Names – Baby names Inspired by Christmas Christmas is one of the most joyous times of the year.

During this time of year as well as throughout the whole month of December, we celebrate love, faith, miracles, hope and generosity. Baby names inspired by Christmas.

IN THIS ARTICLE. Baby boy names; Baby girl names; Unisex baby names; By Evonne Lack. We have the boy name picked out but the only girl name we can agree on is Georgia.

Latest: 10 minutes ago by A1D2. 4. 1. My baby boy was born 3 days ago and we cant agree on a name. Expecting a Christmas baby, or just want a name that connotes the magical season? Here, our collection of Christmas baby names. See our blog for even more Christmas baby names.

Girl names at christmas and Decorations—each can inspire a name. Movies, shows and characters will not mind sharing their names with your fur baby. Last but certainly not least, Christmas is a religious holiday. Less we not forget the reason for the season, there are many spiritual names that make ideal dog names. Browse through the list.

88 Christmas baby names for your baby girl or baby boy, including biblical baby names, popular christmas names and unique christmas names. Clara – A great vintage name remaining outside the Top 100, Clara is also the little girl in The Nutcracker. Clarice – One of my favorites – the girl Girl names at christmas in Rudolph, the one who likes him just the way he is, red nose and all.

50 Baby Names Inspired by Winter. Strongly associated with Christmas, this is a perfect name for a baby born in mid-December (or go with “Christine” for a girl).

Carol. A perfect, celebratory name for a Christmas baby. this is a beautiful and vibrant girl name. Snow. Christmas is the best festive season of the year with all its grandeur and magical moments. With its sparkling lights, surprise gifts, jingle bells and Whether you are having a baby born around Christmas or just love this time of the year, check out our array of Christmas baby names.

Italian girl name meaning" born at Christmas" Yule:. From Noel to Nicholas, we love Christmas inspired baby names! You are sure to feel jolly when looking at our baby girl names and baby boy names inspired by Christmas.

Christmas Names « Back to Baby Names Lists. Expecting over the holiday season? Here are the top 20 baby name suggestions for your little present.

But from this Christmas story come other names for girls as well. Bethlehem or Beth from the town in which Jesus was born is one. Gabriella is the feminine form of the name of the angel Gabriel.

Christmas is full of festive sights, sounds and traditions that would make wonderful names for your baby boy girl or boy. Check out our pick of names that remind us of this wonderful holiday season Noel: This is a French name that means, " Christmas. " Dec 4, 2017. Expecting a Christmas baby and searching for the perfect name? Look no further, here are more than 50 unique names all inspired by the. Expecting a Christmas baby, or just want a name that connotes the magical season?

Here, our collection of Christmas baby names. See our blog for even more. Nov 29, 2017. Christmas baby names are just perfect to capture the magic of the season. Why not choose a name that doubles up your joy?

If your little one is due in December (or you just really LOVE Christmas) have a look at these festive baby names. Only at Closer!