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Add some seasonal sparkle to your lessons this December with Christmas resources, worksheets and activities to use across the curriculum. From craftivities, games and quizzes to stories, maths, phonics, poetry, citizenship and assembly ideas, the teachers in our global community have uploaded their festive favourites to help you share the spirit of Christmas with your students.

6 Fun Christmas Games for English Practice. by Susan Verner 111, 887 views 'Tis the season to be merry and celebrate the holidays. You can encourage an atmosphere of celebration in your classroom when you include these Christmas themed games in your lesson plans. Try These 6 Fun Christmas Games for English Practice.

1. Merry Christmas! This page has a selection of Christmas games and activities that can be used in an ESL Kids classroom. Some have specific teaching functions, others are just fun games (good for parties! ). At the end of each game is a Teaching Point (TP) Section.

Recipes are great for the ESL classroom, as they have perfect examples of the imperative form and outlining a process in writing.

Show your students a Christmas cookie recipe like this one. After reading the recipe, see if students can act out the process for making the cookies.

Here is a practical worksheet activity students can use to help decorate the classroom for Christmas. Each student is given a copy of the worksheet, a piece of paper and some scissors. Working alone, students read the instructions on the worksheet and make a snowflake using the paper and scissors. 10 ESL Christmas Activities Home → Teaching Resources → ESL Classroom Tips → 10 ESL Christmas Activities Introducing some ESL Christmas activities over the festive period is a great way to stir up some festive cheer with your students.

These ESL based Christmas activities can help you bring some of that Christmas excitement and holiday spirit into your classroom. Remember Christmas is a time for cheer and wonder. Enjoy it! Christmas in the ESL Classroom Home → Teaching Resources → ESL Classroom Tips → Christmas in the ESL Classroom With the holiday season fast approaching, you could probably use some tips on what to teach in your ESL classroom over the coming week. " Lesson plans, and other activities for teachers at Christmas 4 Awesome Holiday Culture Lessons and Activities for the ESL Classroom Ah, November and December.

The weather changes, clothing adjusts to match the new season and attention drifts from the classrooms to the holidays – for both teachers and students. ESL-Library. com has a bunch of holiday flashcards you can use. Check out our Christmas Flashcards and ideas on how to use them. There are lots of fun activities you can do with your class, such as memory games, hot seat (or cold seat, depending where you live), making your own cartoons, and more.

FREE Christmas Worksheets Christmas is a wonderful time of year but as it is a major school holiday in many countries, you might find that your students are less focused leading up to the holiday period. Have some fun in the festive season with these Christmas worksheets and classroom printables. Do you have any favorite Christmas games for your ESL class? Please join in on the fun and share them in the comments below. P. S. If you enjoyed this article. Looking for some great ESL activities for Christmas?

Here are 10 fun, festive activities that will bring the holidays straight to your English classroom! This is a Christmas lesson in which students will review Christmas vocabulary, find out about Christmas classroom activities esl celebrations around the world, read a text about. Pass the parcel (Whole class/mixed ability groups) Prepare five or six boxes or envelopes decorated or wrapped with Christmas paper.

In each parcel put a. Free ESL KidStuff Christmas Lesson plans: Check out our wonderful Christmas lesson plans which are tailor-made to use in your kids ESL classroom. Fun and engaging ESL Christmas activities, games and worksheets to help. Here is a practical Christmas activity to help decorate the classroom for Christmas. Dec 16, 2012. This post focuses on Christmas activities and games for the ESL classroom. Ranging from young learners to adult there are fun activities for all.