Christmas angel alternative to elf on the shelf

The official home of Santa’s scout elves, featuring products, ideas, games and more. Write Santa a letter, find adoption centers and meet the Elf Pets Reindeer! So, like the Elf on the Shelf, when your child wakes up every morning, they look for the angel who has written a message in the gold dust–“hug mom”, “make cookies”, “give a gift”.

The idea is to give every day after reading the message from the angel. In case you’re not familiar with how “Elf on the Shelf” works, let me explain. Elf on the shelf is a christmas tradition that many families have fun with in the weeks leading up to Christmas. The traditional way of doing Elf on the Shelf is that an elf comes to live with you for the month of December. So cute! I was looking for an alternative to Elf on the Shelf. I’m super excited about Christmas, it’s a time for us to celebrate Jesus and God’s love.

How about you? Do you do the Elf-on-the-Shelf? ? What do you think of the Christmas Angel? ? What other traditions do you have in your family to keep the focus on the real meaning of Christmas? ? **Update as of Nov 2014. I heard from a reader that the site link to the angel I. The Christmas Angel is an alternative to Elf on the Shelf. It's the Christmas tradition that's sparked $10 million in sales and yet another task for already harried parents getting ready for.

Heart of Christmas: A Christian Alternative to Elf on the Shelf. Supplies needed: A cardboard box for all your supplies; a sharpie; red card stock or construction paper scissors; Baby Jesus from your nativity; a calendar; Directions: Cut out 24 red hearts from construction paper or card stock. Write each of your activities that you chose on a paper heart. Advent Angel {our elf on the shelf alternative} so, my kids know the truth about Santa. we don't pretend he's the one bringing them Christmas presents.

we don't threaten them to be good because Santa's watching. we are good sports about it, and we wave hello to. Kindness Elf Alternative Tradition - Create a new tradition for Christmas with the Kindness Elves, an alternative to the popular Elf on the Shelf idea, and place the focus instead on positive, character-building activities for kids.

Kindness Elves: An Alternative Elf on the Shelf (The Imagination Tree) is an intriguing tradition that I would like to try next Christmas (because starting involved traditions when you’re living in someone else’s house is a bit difficult); I’ve also heard of skipping the idea of an “elf” altogether and having a “Giving Angel.

” The Christmas Angel is a product you can purchase that is similar to the Elf on the Shelf, but with a Christ-focused tradition. The Advent Angel is Mama Hall’s DIY approach similar to The Christmas Angel Looking for alternatives to elf on the shelf and kindness elves?

See how we made a clothespin Christmas angel (with supplies I had on hand). This is a great alternative to Elf on the Shelf and emphasizes true meaning of Christmas. The story and doll are pretty cute. However, the collector tin was dented and appeared to have been previously opened as the sticker seals were halfway unstuck on both sides.

Other Elf on the Shelf Alternatives: 1. The Christmas Angel. The Christmas Angel is a more faith-based approach to an Elf on the Shelf-style Christmas activity. Rather than just emphasizing. Our family purchased this kit for our 4 year old daughter as an alternative to Elf on the Shelf, as we wanted something that would help her understand the true meaning of the season.

This well thought out little kit uses the Christmas Angel to teach children that it's better to give than to receive. Nov 9, 2012. 10 fun Elf on the Shelf Alternatives from TruthintheTinsel.

com. The Christmas Angel comes with a cute plush angel, a bag of gold dust and a. My kids learned so much from Melk, the Elf alternative. The Christmas Angel is an Elf on the Shelf type Christmas tradition that helps families to focus on the. We do Elf on the Shelf but I love this too! Teaching the kids to show kindness and giving. I like this alternative to" Elf on the Shelf" - the Christmas Angel performs.

Jan 27, 2018. 7 cute and meaningful alternatives to Elf on the Shelf. Non-creepy, fun and creative ways to count down to Christmas with your.

Advent Angel. Alternatives to the traditional Elf on the Shelf. focusing on the character trait of kindness; includes resources for kindness elves and Christmas angel activities.