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Canberra resident David Richards is well known for his stunning Christmas light displays. In 2011, he won his first Guinness World Records title with one that featured 331, 038 lights. After some New Yorkers laid claim to the title in 2012, the 'crazy Christmas lights guy as he likes to call. Check out Canberra's best Christmas Lights map http: //ow.

ly/rEixu# 2cc# canberra Make Mornings Great Again Get up to date with the news that matters from Canberra, from the nation and from around the world with 2CC's morning line-up. Each weekday we bring you Australia's most influential commentary from Australia's best broadcasters. Find great Christmas light displays in Canberra 2017. Search by suburb or postcode to find the best Christmas lights near you.

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Did you hear that idiot on 2CC saying that there had been a big reduction in people putting Christmas lights on their homes due to a “demographic change in the mindset of the population”? “Not good for the carbon footprint” and that people “would rather buy a goat for poor villagers in Africa”. Australian Christmas Lights is at Petrie Plaza Canberra. · November 28, 2014 · Canberra, ACT, Australia · Canberra setting a world record for 2cc canberra christmas lights lights.

The National Library’s collections helps shine a light on Where History Happened Sponsor speaks out. Bringing sax back to the Canberra Symphony Orchestra Flag Day! Albo on 2CC There’s something funny with our honey, amid sticky allegations of honey laundering The reason I mention it now is on the back of what I read on Samuel Gordon Stewart’s blog this morning (which I confirmed by visiting the 2CC Twitter page myself).

Apparently 2CC posted on twitter that “listeners should turn their clocks BACK one hour on Saturday night before going to bed”. Wake up with Kristen& Wilko and enjoy Canberra's Greatest Hits all day Canberra's 2CA - Forever Classic. Here is your chance to ask Dr Brad Tucker from Mt. Stromlo Observatory anything and everything you have ever wanted to know about black holes, planets, The Universe and Space The final frontier.

ACRA radio awards finalists announced. 2CC, Canberra ACT, Capital Radio Network NM. 2CA& 2CC Christmas Lights; Peter Davidson, 2CC& 2CA, Canberra ACT, Capital Radio Network NM. 2CC is a commercial radio station on the AM band in Canberra, Australia. It began broadcasting on 1210 kHz in 1975 changing to 1206 kHz in 1978.

It is jointly. Every weekday afternoon 2CC brings you Canberra's best analysis of the day's events. If it happened in Canberra today, you'll hear about it on Canberra Live. Gift vouchers are at the top of Christmas shopping lists this year, according to a survey of radio listeners by Commercial Radio Australia (CRA) and Presslaff.

2CC, Canberra, Australian Capital Territory. 3346 likes · 130 talking about this. Find us broadcasting in Canberra on Digital Radio, AM 1206, also. Dec 5, 2017. Generic Christmas lights in Canberra. The Evans family. 2017, 10: 33pm. Christmas should be a special holiday, not a stressful nightmare. Aug 8, 2012. Mark Parton; 2CC, Canberra ACT, Capital Radio Network P. . 2CC Christmas Lights; Peter Davidson& Richard Phelps, 2CC, Canberra ACT.

Category: Canberra. 8 talkback topics on 2CC breakfast for 2014 · The Top 10 Hazards For Canberra Bike Riders. Biggest Canberra Christmas Lights Ever! !