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Don’t forget that Friday 11th December is our “Wear a Christmas Jumper Day” in school bringing £1 for the charity Save the Children. Letter Template Take Christmas to the next level. Register for Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day 2018. Save the Children Fund is a registered company limited by guarantee (Company No. ) Registered Charity No. (England& Wales) and SC (Scotland) Find out all about Christmas Jumper Day and how a fun day for us benefits children around the world with this exciting activity PowerPoint.

Tags in this resource: globe-3. png A lovely banner to head your display for Christmas Jumper Day! The Creative Team share their favourite" ugly Christmas sweater" layouts, and I'm donating the proceeds from sales of my 'Christmas Sweaters' doodles to the Save the Children Christmas Jumper Day fund this weekend!

Bake jumper shaped biscuits, make Christmas jumper shaped cards, make Christmas jumpers for your toys – and donate to Save the Children! All you need to do is to sign up for the craft guidepack to grab brilliant patterns for knitted jumper bunting (designed by the brilliant Sue Stratford), the cutest penguin- in-a-jumper EVER, and some gorgeous. Save the Children’s annual Christmas Jumper Day is taking place on 12 December, seeing people around the UK pop on a festive sweater and donate £2.

This year, we want to see you make your own woolly and wonderful jumper-themed creations. Download free knitting and crafting patterns by leading crafters on our webpage to get you started. Individuals and Organizations, businesses and schools, find their most festive jumpers and wear the jumpers to work for the day instead of normal clothes or uniforms, to raise funds through sponsorship. A cheerful and festive way or raising funds and awareness for Save the Children in time for Christmas.

On 14th December, more than 250, 000 people (and counting! ) will be wearing a festive woolly to school, offices and workplaces all across the UK, with everyone taking part donating £1 to Save the Children. Money raised from Christmas Jumper Day will help bring life-saving care to some of the world’s most vulnerable children. Shop with Save the Children and help change the lives of children across the world. Christmas Jumper Day, London, United Kingdom. 81K likes. Let's get silly for a serious cause: stick on a festive sweater and join Save the Children UK's.

Early in 2016, we met with Save the Children’s Christmas Jumper Day team to optimise journeys for each of the key segments. Dec 11, 2014 · Hello, It’s that time of year again when the Christmas jumpers are out in force and tomorrow (12/12/2014) is SAVE THE CHILDREN’S Christmas jumper day. So in preparation for tomorrow, Christmas and all the family photos to be taken the SGO have decided this year to make their own Christmas jumper from using items from.

Sign up to be part of Save the Children's Christmas Jumper Day on Friday 14 December. Simply stick on a silly sweater and donate to save children's lives. Share your photos and tag them# christmasjumperday. 1. SPREAD. Photo: Jonathan Hyams/Save the Children. Fleur East. you can print our templates too! May 5, 2017. Early in 2016, we met with Save the Children's Christmas Jumper Day. In July, we designed and built a series of email templates targeted at.

This year, there'll be double the jumper joy as the UK government has pledged to match every pound you give to Save the Children over Christmas – effectively. Dec 5, 2012. So, I set myself a task – fashion two Christmas jumpers without resorting to buying them. Designs were debated – tree, snowman or reindeer? Sep 17, 2012. Save the Children is appealing to knitters to support their new fundraising initiative by knitting. Christmas jumper SK72 Irresistible Christmas Gifts to Knit.

All designs are welcome – and the brighter and bolder the better.