Scrunter-anita christmas song lyrics

On our ultimate Christmas playlist, we picked songs that will motivate you like Run, Rudolph, Run. We chose ones that inspired us by their lyrics like. all I want for Christmas is you. Others we figured would move you just because of their rhythm. Chris Brown and – dare I say it – Justin Bieber, anyone? Home Forums Song Directory Artists Directory Submit Lyrics.

Newly Added Lyrics. Advertisements. Anita (2002) Lyrics By Scrunter. Lyrics to Anita by Scrunter Soca Parang 2002. Anita, (aye aye aye) Meh Senorita (Oy yo yoye) Oh Baby what you want for christmas (aye aye aye) Scrunter-anita christmas song lyrics me what you for new years, (Oy yo yoye) ah say Anita, (aye aye aye) 16 rows · Scrunter - Anita lyrics Download Anita 320kbps mp3 Anita, (aye aye aye) Meh Senorita, (Oy.

Oct 28, 2010 · Mix - Scrunter - Madame Jeffery YouTube; Scrunter - Homemade Wine - Duration: 4: 55. Scrunter - Anita - Duration:. BACK IN TIME CHRISTMAS. Nov 05, 2010 · BACK IN TIME CHRISTMAS PARANG SOCA PARTY MIXX. BY DJ JOHNNY. Sharlene Flores - Vamos Vamos Vamos (Lyrics in description) - Duration:.

Scrunter - Anita Scrunter - Ah Want Ah Piece Ah Pork (Parang) Lyrics; Scrunter - Anita (2002) Lyrics; Scrunter - Bachelor (2004) Lyrics; Scrunter - BackYard Jam (Soca 2000) Lyrics For all Trini Jungle Juice Galleries Previews, Videos, Music and more. Scrunter - Anita Scrunter - De Parang Now Start Scrunter - Piece Ah Pork. Parang music are songs of Spanish lyrics with Venezuela rhythms.

These songs traditionally sing the praises of the birth of Jesus Christ and are sung nationally during the Christmas season. Scrunter – Anita Scrunter – De Parang Now Start Scrunter – Drink Ah Rum. Hey. I am feverishly trying to get Relator’s song Christmas is Mine.

Christmas is Yours. I am trying to assist a choir master who is looking for the lyrics for the following to teach some kiddies: Around my christmas TREE –. scrunter - anita rembuntion - mr santa clause bindley b - cork in she hand crazy - yvonne. artist song - 12/19/2011 scrunter - madame jeffery (it's xmas morning).

crazy - put jesus in your christmas machel montano - soca santa sharlene boodram - mamacita original ziggy rankin - caroline Dec 22, 2005 · Leroy - Scrunter Anita - Scrunter Trini Christmas - Susan Macio Yvonne - Crazy Basically all de classics Scrunter-anita christmas song lyrics, Baron, Marcia Maranda, Scrunter, Diasy Voisin.

all ah dem. Ah. Parang is a seasonal folk music from Trinidad played around Christmas time. It’s very likely that Parang was brought to Trinidad by Venezulan migrants. 13. Susan Macio – Trini Christmas Is The Best 14. Scrunter – Anita 15. Sexy Suzy& Sprangalang – Baila Baila 16. De Illest – Parang In Paramin 17. Cro Cro – Is Boom Boom Parang IZATRINI.

com All things Trinidad& Tobago, Custom Trinidad& Tobago T-Shirts, News, Trinidad Carnival, Soca Music and more. Subscribe to the IZATRINI. com Newsletter Listen& view Scrunter's lyrics& tabs. Merry Christmas. Drinking Anything. The Will. That Eh Working Here Tonight. Take The Number. NANNY. Ah Lick E Thing. Woman on De Bass. J'ouvert Song. Camina Bailar. Jumbie (Remix) Gimme Some.

De Good Love. Madame Jeffery. de will. Gimme ah Break. Ah See Yuh. Sep 15, 2012. Anita, (aye aye aye) Meh Senorita (Oy yo yoye) Oh Baby what you want for christmas (aye aye aye) Tell me what you for new years, (Oy yo yoye) Dec 6, 2006. Scrunter – Madam Jeffrey Lyrics 18. Scrunter – Anita 19. Scrunter – Ah Want Ah Piece Ah Pork 20.

Los Tocadores – Anda Parrandero 21. Nov 26, 2012. With lyrics like: “Christmas comes only once a year. but yuh cyah be a Trini if you don't know the lyrics to this song.

“Anita” by Scrunter. Dec 20, 2010. Oh, and while I'm referencing that song, being drunk is no excuse to behave like an ass. Scrunter was busy thinking about what to get “Anita” for Christmas. Like any 'good He mightn't have lyrics like Cro Cro. He may not. These include songs like Put Jesus In Your Christmas, Yvonne, A Piece Ah Pork. That Eh Working Here Tonight, Hurrah Hurray, Anita, Twadicion Noel, Black Cake.

Artistes include Crazy, Invader, Pelay, Scrunter, Machel Montano, Baron. . I want to know where to find the song with the lyrics (partial): " I remember the. Leon Coldero - Soca Parang Nice (Optimus Christmas Vibes Vol.

3) Los Alumnos De. 4 De Xmas Scrunter - In De Back Yard (Soukous Riddim). Scrunter - Anita Scrunter. Parang music are songs of Spanish lyrics with Venezuela rhythms. Track list. artist song - 12/19/2011. SCRUNTER - MADAME JEFFERY (IT'S XMAS MORNING) BROTHER MARVIN - BACK A YARD BARON - IT'S XMAS AGAIN