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A blog about physics in medicine and biology. Kevin Fong's CHRISTMAS LECTURES will take us on a journey from planet Earth into Low Earth Orbit and beyond. This is. Kevin Fong is a medical doctor with a special interest in space medicine and extreme environments, particularly the medical and physiological challenges of long duration human space missions. He holds degrees in Astrophysics and Medicine from University College London, a degree in Astronautics and.

In the third and final of the Royal Institution’s annual CHRISTMAS LECTURES, space doctor Kevin Fong explores the ‘The next frontier’ of human space travel. In a series finale, live from the International Space Station hurtling at 17, 500 mph, 400 km above the Earth, British astronaut Tim Peake will answer questions directly from the. Kevin Fong, an expert in space medicine, will give this year’s series of Royal Institution’s Christmas lectures.

Photograph: Paul Wilkinson The delicate art of lobbing people into space and. Kevin Fong (born 21 May 1971). In 2015, he presented the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, an annual series of lectures in front of a live audience of schoolchildren, and broadcast on BBC Four, with the subject 'How to Survive in Space Education. Fong was. We’re delighted to learn that our regular columnist, Kevin Fong, has been selected to deliver the Royal Institution’s 2015 Christmas lectures.

It is hoped that Dr Fong will present the demonstration-packed three-part series with the help of British astronaut Tim Peake, and his fellow International Space Station crew members, as he starts his six month mission shortly before Dr Fong. Kevin Fong PR Images for the BBC Royal Institution Christmas Lectures Business Portraits, Portrait Photography Well, the autumn is well under way and we've just come through the MPA Master Photography Awards (which is a dead-cert marker in the diary that the autumn is right upon us and the clocks are about to go backwards!

) For his Christmas lectures, Fong will follow the journey of an astronaut, breaking down the launch second-by-second, before going on to describe a day on board the space station. Advertisement The Royal Institution Christmas Lectures are a series of lectures on a single topic each.

Kevin Fong: How to survive in space 1. Lift off! 2. Life in Orbit 3. The next frontier 2016 Saiful Islam: Supercharged: Fuelling the future 1. Let there be light! 2. People Christmas lectures kevin fong 3. Fully charged Replying to @cpchris @Kevin_Fong I think we start by accepting how high risk& dangerous frontline medicine is at the best of times, so we need legally enforceable safe staffing levels so help is available quickly when you need it.

RI Christmas Lectures 2015. Space doctor Kevin Fong, takes us on a ride from launch to orbit. RI Christmas Lectures 2000. Dr Kevin Warwick investigates 'The Rise of the Robots' RI Christmas Lectures 2017.

This year’s Royal Institution Christmas Lectures on. Series of lectures presenting scientific subjects to a general audience. Royal Institution Christmas Lectures. Home;. Space doctor Kevin Fong takes us on a ride from launch to orbit and the.

Kevin Fong, who is giving this year’s Royal Institution Christmas Lectures on long-distance space travel, says its obstacles will be overcome The Royal Institution Christmas Lectures 2015 – Space is the Place!

Author: Simon Moorhouse |. The Christmas Lectures were devised by electrochemist Michael Faraday, who went on to deliver 19 in total. The 2015 Christmas lecturer is Kevin Fong, who’s speaking on the topic of. Kevin Fong (born 21 May 1971) is consultant anaesthetist at UCL Hospitals, and is anaesthetic lead for both the Patient Emergency Response Team and Major Incident Planning. He is an Honorary Senior lecturer in physiology at UCL where he organises.

In 2015, he presented the Royal Institution Christmas Lectures, an annual. Who is Kevin Fong? Find out more about Christmas lectures kevin fong 2015 Christmas Lecturer.

Dr Kevin Fong opens a window onto today's most exciting space missions. human life in the hostile environment of space in the 2015 CHRISTMAS LECTURES. In the first of the three annual CHRISTMAS LECTURES space doctor, Kevin Fong, explores and probes second by second what it takes to 'Lift off' into space. Lecture 2 – Life in orbit. In the second his CHRISTMAS LECTURES, space doctor, Kevin Fong explores 'Life in orbit' on board the International Space Station.

As Tim adjusts to life onboard the International Space Station (ISS), Kevin Fong's CHRISTMAS LECTURES take us on a journey from planet Earth into Low Earth.