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Want to get into the spirit of Christmas while still learning French? Here are the top 5 French Christmas songs to keep you learning while celebrating the How can the answer be improved? How do you say merry Christmas in niederlandisch? " Gelukkig Kerstfeest" (happy. ) or" Zalig Kerstfeest" (blessed. ) For someone not used to saying the Dutch G.

Dec 09, 2007 · The official language of Canada is English; there is no such language as" canadian. " In Canada, to say Merry Christmas, one would say Merry Christmas.

If you'd like to wish someone a Merry Christmas in French, there are a few phrases and customs you should familiarize yourself with. While there is a general translation of 'Merry Christmas there are also other phrases that can be used to wish someone a happy holiday during the Christmas Season.

Bonne année is a French equivalent of 'Happy New Year The feminine adjective 'bonne' means 'good, fortunate The feminine noun 'année' means 'year long Dec 22, 2006 · How to Say Merry Christmas in Different Languages.

Two Parts: Merry Christmas by Dialect Alphabetical List Community Q& A. Are you curious about how they say" Merry Christmas" around the world? Every December, people of virtually all cultures take a moment or two out of their busy lives to offer a simple seasonal greeting of joy.

French Translation of “Merry Christmas! ” | The official Collins English-French Dictionary online. Over 100, 000 French translations of English words and phrases. Even if you’re not living in France, knowing these greetings will help you engage the Christmas season with your fellow French speakers in your home country or in messages online.

A nice “Merry Christmas” is a great touch to an otherwise normal message. It’ll also be important if you’re writing holiday cards to those same people in French.

Some French Canadian Christmas traditions include réveillon and buche de Noel. There are also several traditional French Canadian Christmas hymns, such as" Noël Tout Blanc" and" Noël Des Bergers. " French Canadians focus their Christmas traditions on Christmas Eve. They go to Midnight Mass and. Joyeux noël. Literally merry Christmas, Joyeux noël is the most common way to say merry Christmas in French. You will find it on most cartes de voeux (greeting cards) and can use it with everyone.

Joyeuses fêtes/bonnes fêtes. French people often wish a merry Christmas and a happy new year at the same time and joyeuses fêtes (literally merry. Robert Crooks, former Canadian Army Officer and HR Manager.

Answered Dec 24. But I have switched back to Merry Christmas. How do you say" happy Christmas and New Year" in French? What are some other useful phrases for the holidays? Christmas in Canada. Canada is a very large country and people of many different cultural backgrounds live there. Because of this, there are lots of different Christmas traditions in Canada.

Many of the traditions and celebrations come from French, English, Irish, Scottish, German, Norwegian, Ukrainian and native/first nation influences. Sep 25, 2014 · Forums > French > French-English Vocabulary / Vocabulaire Français-Anglais > Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Discussion in ' French-English.

Dec 13, 2011 · Since this year, you cannot have a christmas tree in school, the christmas holiday's gifts and songs are prohibited in public area and you now have to call the" winter holidays" vacations as such and not refer to them as" christmas holidays". Sep 29, 2013 · Watch more How to Learn French videos: How to say" Merry Christmas" in French.

Joyeux Noël. Merry Merry christmas in french canadian. Joyeux Noël. Discover different ways to say" merry christmas" or" merry holidays" in French! So while you're preparing for a merry little French Christmas, here are the most festive holiday greetings for you to share with friends and family.

If you'd like to wish someone a Merry Christmas in French, there are a few phrases and customs you should familiarize yourself with. While there is Merry christmas in french canadian. Mar 18, 2010. With Christmas Day finally here, why not impress some of your friends overseas by saying" Merry Christmas" in their native language? Stop by.