Make christmas truffle boxes

Chocolate truffle egg box. By Good Food. Christmas brownies. 4 (2 ratings). These super-easy chocolate truffles make a great homemade gift and take just. A: Our Christmas Truffle Boxes MOQ is 500pcs. Although on occasions we have produced orders for less than 500. However, for one of small orders costs are likely to be very high when considering repro, printing, tooling and set-up costs. extremely easy to make, but time consuming if you are doing more than 1 box.

you can also Make christmas truffle boxes red velvet cake mix, or chocolate cake mix. make sure you refrigerate after. Christmas Chocolate Truffle Boxes £ 6.

00 – £ 24. 00 We’ll make up a spectacular box full of our handmade artisan chocolates Specially created this year for Christmas. DECOLUV House Shape Gift Boxes - Set of 5 Decorative Treats Boxes, Cookies, Goodies, Candy and Homemade Soaps Gift Boxes for Christmas, Birthdays, Holidays, Weddings, Etc (5.

11 x 2. 75 x 2. 55 Inches) by DECOLUV Boxes ship and store flat. 5 standard sized truffles. Size: 1 3/8 x. Size: 1 3/8 x. Aqua Blue 4-Piece Truffle Boxes With Window - 2-5/8 x 2-3/4 x 1-1/4in.

To make any of your family events memorable, provide mouth-watering homemade truffle packaged in alluring truffle packaging boxes. Economical and Affordable prices are promised! We have never compromised the factor of price. We offer spectacular rates for your boxes on occasions such as Easter, Christmas, New Year, etc. The high quality material is used in the manufacturing of truffle boxes which ensure the safety, taste and freshness of the packed truffles.

For weddings, birthdays, wedding showers, Christmas, Thanksgiving and other events, exclusively designed truffle boxes can be used. Use of pertinent color schemes on truffle boxes for every occasion like Christmas, Thanksgiving, Valentines, birthdays, weddings and New Year’s Eve can make your event more memorable. We are aware Make christmas truffle boxes the significance and quality of material for the truffle packaging boxes, therefore, high quality stocks and inks are used.

Large Gift Box To make a larger gift box that can fit up to 12 or so truffles, use a 12 inch (30. 5 cm) square piece of decorative cardstock for the lid. Use an 11. 5 inch (29 cm) square for the base. Line your gift box with tissue paper, and arrange your truffles as. Homemade for the Holidays: Christmas Candy.

By Liz December 17, 2010 Baking, Candy, Christmas. Do you make Christmas Candy?. I see I will certainly have to run to the store for some of the ingredients I don’t have on hand to make the truffles. We are scheduled to have our making Christmas goodies party at 10: 00 this morning.

Oct 26, 2011 · I had the recipes of red velvet truffles and green velvet truffles to make Christmas truffles. It is a beauiful colors. We love it and it is so easy and simple to make them. It. Put them in a pretty box and they're the perfect homemade gift. You can do this with cookies, biscuits cupcakes anything sweet! Package it up in a box with a. Find printable templates for this cookie bag plus a brownie box, truffle box, and.

Paper Pyramid Gift Boxes, which would b perfect for christmas gifts. Find this. See more ideas about Wrapping, Truffle boxes and Packaging. Make these DIY Christmas gifts that are sure to please everyone on your list!

Find this Pin and. Whether it's Valentine's Day, Christmas, your birthday, or some other big event. When you make your own box of chocolate truffles from the ground up, the. Dec 21, 2014. Now it's the time when you can count the days till the christmas holidays are finally here. And before I retreat solely to the analog world for a few. Buy Folding Candy Boxes at Box& Wrap.

We offer designs for everyday, and holiday designs from Christmas to. Red and Brown Truffle Candy Box Sliders. This system makes it easy to pick the size of the box according to their price. Easy truffle recipes with gift box instructions included.

These chocolate truffles are delicious, and so easy to make in bulk as Easter and Christmas gifts. These christmas truffle boxes are the perfect packaging solution when you require a basic carton that offers a lovely display presentation for your products