Easy white christmas recipe no copha

White Christmas recipe - By Australian Table, This recipe for white Christmas slice is a good one to make at this time of year. It stores well for a few weeks, so make it in advance and pop a few pieces out when guest drop in, or for an after-dinner treat. A traditional Christmas favourite everyone loves and so easy to make. Don't forget White Christmas is a great gift idea - just package squares in clear cellophane wrap and tie with colourful ribbons.

Classic White Christmas (1) 15 minutes. 4 reviews. White Christmas is a slice made from rice bubbles, coconut and mixed fruit that is easy to prepare and great for kids. Easy White Christmas White Christmas Cherry Slice White Christmas 'Gingerbread' Men. For those who have queries about copha this is from Wikipedia; Copha, a registered.

White Christmas is simple to make and you can vary the ingredients easily. This version uses jelly snakes for colour and chopped pistachio nuts. A listener rang in Easy white christmas recipe no copha a suggestion that instead of copha, which some people do not like (including myself), substitute white chocolate. With some adjustments to my grandmother's recipe, this.

This is a White Christmas recipe made with White chocolate, as opposed to Copha. When ever I take it to a party, everyone asks for the recipe. Jan 01, 2010 · Save Recipe This festive slice, from Taste. com. au member laylablueshell, is a delicious delight for kids as well as grown-ups! Featured in. Jun 06, 2014 · Easy to make and looks very festive. We collect information about the content (including ads) you use across this site and use it to make both advertising and content more relevant to you on our network and other sites.

Christmas Chocolate Crackles (No Copha) Share 102. Tweet. Pin 120. 222 Shares. I really dislike the taste of copha, but do like the idea of a chocolate crackle! This Christmas Chocolate Crackles recipe has no copha in it. It uses actual chocolate. Jan 01, 2010 · Combine all other ingredients in a large bowl until evenly mixed. Add copha and mix until all ingredients are moistened. Press into slice tin and refrigerate until set (about 1 hour).

An easy-to-make treat and very Australian. It is a little sweet for my tastebuds, so would probably cut back on the icing sugar in future. For those who are wondering, Crisco shortening is a. 1. Combine dry ingredients in a mixing bowl. 2. Melt Copha® slowly over low heat. 3. Cool slightly, pour onto dry ingredients. Mix well. 4. Be sure to work quickly, spoon the mixture into either paper patty cases or press into a lamington tin.

This easy no-bake slice is very sweet and rich so cut it into small pieces to serve. For Christmas gifts, package squares of White Christmas in clear cellophane bags and tie with ribbon. White Christmas slice This recipe skips the traditional ingredients for White Christmas and uses white chocolate to hold together the things we really like!

Leave it on the buffet in tiny squares to nibble on, or cut it into large squares and bag it in clear cellophane. This is a white Christmas slice recipe that the kids are going to love. It’s nut free so perfect for serving at kids Christmas parties too. By easily making the slice into cute Christmas tree pops, this is going to be a holiday treat favorite. 2) Share a photo of your homemade Copha White Christmas recipe creation in the comments section of this competition post.

The most creative entrant receives a $100 Visa Card and the next 10 most creative entrants receive a Copha Festive Treats for Christmas 19 page Cookbook. Dec 23, 2016. Copha is a vegetable shortening, made from hydrogenated Coconut Oil. White Christmas recipe is incredibly easy to make, very festive in. Dec 21, 2009. An old recipe with a slight variation for those who don't like copha. Easy to make and looks very festive.

White Christmas recipe. 250 g copha; 3 cups Rice Bubbles; 1 cup coconut; 3/4 cup icing sugar; 1 cup milk powder; 30 g. Jan 21, 2009. This is a White Christmas recipe made with White chocolate, as opposed to Copha.

When ever I take it to a party, everyone asks for the recipe. They say it's the best White chistmas they have. It was so quick and easy I was so proud of myself when i saw end product.

Very yummy and Great recipe! ! Joanne.