64 channel christmas light controller

The LOR1602W provides enough power to control a 18, 000 mini-light display. With the included software, adapter and cables you have the tools and connectivity to put your PC in control of your lights. The Renard 64 is a PIC microcontroller based Christmas light controller designed to be used with external Solid State Relays or SSRs. The board design is based on the PIC-based 8-port dimmer concept originally developed by Phil Short.

Christmas Light Chase Controllers Bring Decor to Life! Chase controllers create effects across the channels of the controller and allow you to do all sorts of creative things with lighting. For example, a 4 channel chase controller will turn channel 1 on and then off when channel 2 comes on, channel off when channel 3 comes on, channel.

Light-O-Rama sell a number of Christmas lighting controllers both in kit and assembled form. Whilst every LOR controller will run under the proprietary LOR protocol. REN64 64 channel RENARD or DMX - controller with seperate SSRs (AC or DC) REN16 16 channel RENARD or DMX - AC controller; SSRez 4 channel AC SSR; Find great deals on eBay for Light O Rama in Christmas Decorative Lights.

Shop with confidence. Find great deals on eBay for Light O Rama in Christmas Decorative Lights. Light-o-Rama CTB16PC-G1 16-channel light controller. $150. 00. Buy It Now. Used 1st Generation LOR controller, units are in perfect working order and tested/cleaned.

4 channel chase controller Instant Sound-to-light chase Bluetooth Christmas Holiday Spectacular Light& Sound Show Outdoor Display for iPhone and Android by Holiday Brilliant Lights The 8 Channel contoller will create the effect of moving the ligts in a sequence or chaser pattern.

Not only will the controller work with any light display that needs to be operated in a lighted sequence of 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, and then repeated, it will control arches built with 8 sections of lights and create the effect of the arch moving / dancing. Chasing and Fading Controllers We offer 6 Amp 2 and 4 channel chasing and fading controllers for adding little pizzazz to your outdoor display. These Christmas light controllers come with a lifetime warranty and are made in the USA.

CONTENTS Understanding this guide Standard Christmas Shows - 16 Channel Show Example of 16 Channel Show - 32 Channel Show - 48 Channel Show - 64 Channel. Christmas Light Controller, 4 Channel 8 function with push button, 150 watts/channel, indoor/outdoor. 4 Channel Light Controller. Enhancers Light Contoller Not rated yet. No reviews. 4 Channel Chasing Light Controller. Out of stock. $44. 95; You will earn up to 44 reward points after purchasing this product.

Email me when available Light-O-Rama controllers are available already assembled or in a kit version. These controllers have 16 independent channels that you can control via your computer, telling individual lights when to turn on or off, to set to a specific brightness, or to perform special effects such as shimmering, twinkling or fading up and down. Nov 22, 2015 · Homemade 6-channel Christmas light controller.

ATMEGA 328p with arduino boot-loader, Sainsmart relay module The Renard Plus Series is a PIC microcontroller based Christmas light controllers with 8, 64 channel christmas light controller, 24, or 32 channels that connect to AC SSR's, DC SSR's, LED strips, or DC Floods.

The board design are based on the PIC-based 8. This instructable is a guide to creating a basic Christmas lighting display that is synchronized to Christmas. For this example, I am using Light-O-Rama controllers. The package I purchased was the Light-O-Rama 16 Channel starter package, which includes:. . The more elaborate 64 channel christmas light controller have from 64 to 128+ channels. Find great deals on eBay for Light O Rama in Christmas Decorative Lights.

Shop with. Light O Rama 16 channel controller holiday halloween Christmas. This controller is mostly designed for driving the LED panels as listed below. Supports 64 outputs of one universe each or 512 channels or 170 pixels (RGB) WowLights is a Light-O-Rama Certified Partner and we carry a wide selection of LOR controllers. Basic Getting Started Package - 64 Outputs. These controllers have 16 independent channels that you can control via your computer, telling.

Pre-made sequences from Light-O-Rama are designed for 16 to 64 channels and. in future years all you need to do is add more controllers and more lights. an impressive selection of sequences for just about any occasion and holiday.

If we have another 16 channel controller, we might have four trees in the. Christmas. 16 channel Light-O-Rama controllers for a total of 48 to 64 channels.

Renard Plus Controllers. based Christmas light controllers with 8, 16, 24, or 32 channels that connect to. SS24, Renard 32, Ren 48LSD, Renard 64, MiniRen.