Blue atlas cedar christmas tree

Want something different from the same old green Christmas tree? Weeping Evergreen Trees See more. Weeping Blue Atlas Cedar at Elizabeth Park in Hartford, CT. The Blue Atlas cedar is a fairly large member of the family; it takes its name from its native range, the Atlas mountains of Algeria and Morocco. In the wild it often grows to a hundred feet or more, and sometimes over 130, but cultivated specimens usually reach between 40 and 60 feet when mature. Blue atlas cedar is a coniferous evergreen.

Its scientific name is Cedrus atlantica 'Glauca Originally introduced into the United States fro Europe in 1845, Blue atlas cedar is a true cedar, unlike red cedar, which is actually a type of juniper. If you are looking for a specimen tree to place in your landscape, consider the weeping blue Atlas cedar. An evergreen conifer, its drooping, twisted branches filled with.

Cedrus atlantica, the Atlas cedar, is a cedar native to the Atlas Mountains of Morocco (Middle Atlas, High Atlas), to the Rif, and to the Tell Atlas in Algeria. Fully grown, Atlas cedar is a large coniferous evergreen tree, 30–35 m (rarely 40 m) tall, with a trunk diameter of 1. 5–2 m. Atlas Cedar Cedrus atlantica A distinctive evergreen, the Atlas cedar make a beautiful specimen tree. Its silvery blue to bluish-green needles are eye-catching in any landscape, and it develops an attractive, rugged form when given the space to grow freely.

The Blue Atlas Cedar is a stiffly upright tree that is grown widely by West Coast nurseries and is becoming increasingly common in our nurseries. As a youngster the tree is stark almost looking more like a piece of modern art sculpture than a plant but eventually it grows into a 60-foot tall tree that can be 35-feet across.

Find great deals on eBay for blue atlas cedar tree. Shop with confidence. Amazon. com: blue atlas cedar tree. A compact dwarf upright form of Blue Atlas Cedar - only reaches 10 feet tall.

10 seeds of Chamaecyparis nootkatensis Pendula. by greg. $13. 82 $ 13 82. FREE Shipping on eligible orders. More Buying Choices. $10. 97 (2 new offers) 4 out of 5 stars 1. The Atlas cedar (Cedrus atlantica) is a true cedar that takes its name from the Atlas Mountains of Northern Africa, its native range.

Blue Atlas (Cedrus atlantica ‘Glauca’) is among the most popular cedar cultivars in this country, with its beautiful powdery blue needles. The weeping version, ‘Glauca Pendula, ’ can be trained to grow like a vast umbrella of tree limbs. The Blue Atlas cedar, the most popular of all Atlas cedars, is a majestic evergreen tree, with limbs covered with patches of green or blue-green needles.

In its early years of life, it maintains a narrow conical form before widening into a pyramidal form after around 20 years. The dwarf blue Atlas cedar is a coniferous tree, meaning it will retain its foliage year-round. The tree does not produce flowers, but does develop small cones.

Size. The Atlas Cedar, native to North Africa, is a beautifully irregular, wide pyramidal tree that makes an excellent specimen. The most common type planted is the Blue Atlas Cedar (Cedrus atlantica 'Glauca') which has stunning silvery-blue needles. Needles are 3/4 to. Nov 28, 2011. I'm obsessed with having a Blue Atlas Cedar (Cedrus A 'Glauca'). Of course these are not trees you regularly find in a tree lot, and if I did get.

Blue Atlas Cedar- Charlie brown Christmas tree come to life. Love these! charlie brown blue atlas cedar | Blue Atlas Cedar- Charlie brown Christmas tree come to life. Love. Feb 3, 2015. The Blue Atlas cedar, the most popular of all Atlas cedars, is a majestic evergreen tree, with limbs covered with patches of green or blue-green.

Oct 23, 2017. In the foreground is a dwarf prostrate White (or Concolor) Fir. . Blue Atlas Cedar is a great tree for Oklahoma Landscapes and my wife Carol. Jan 1, 2015. The day after Christmas the tree would be planted along the edge of his.

The last three years we went out on a limb and chose a Blue Atlas Cedar. A little like “Whoville” of Dr. Seuss fame, the Blue Atlas when dressed in. Buy Blue Atlas Cedar online. Definite specimen use, for large properties, this tree Blue atlas cedar christmas tree a statement by itself, With powder blue, somewhat silver needles Blue atlas cedar christmas tree a.