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Submissions masterpost. Dean/Cas (pre-slash but really getting there). reader fic - Dean& reader (platonic) (Hosted at betterthanpixels. ) If I remember.

Genre: AU, christmas! fic, domestic! destiel Pairing: Destiel Rating: PG Summary: Dean and Cas spend Christmas morning in bed. (For Betty, who demanded CHRISTMAS KISSES! ! ) When Dean wakes up its still snowing - like its been doing all week If you want fluff, angst, drama, smut, heartfelt scenes, brotherly love, sarcasm, mayhem and 15ft posters of Cas in his underwear, this is the fic for you.

Language: English purgatory-jar: “Dean and Cas wish you a very merry Christmas!. now shoo, they’re busy defiling the Christmas tree ” Winter Holiday Destiel, 2017 edition Another year, another Christmas fic rec list!. . Read Christmas from the story My Angel (A Castiel Fanfic) [Editing] by neahann with 2, 488 reads.

sam, wattys2015, fluff. It was Christmas Day and Castiel was s. FanFiction | unleash. Dean/Cas, slight AU, Human! Cas. Dean and Cas have been together for a few weeks now, and Sam discovers that they still haven't done the deed. Dean instantly begins to butt heads with feisty fellow 16 year old Castiel Singer.

Dean misses his former life as a hunter and spends most of his time trying to hook up with. # The Tunnel of Love# xylodemon# explicit# 20k+# case fic# future fic# cannon divergent# human! cas# Hunter Cas# first time# dean/cas# dean/castiel# Destiel# destiel fanfiction# fic rec# fanfiction# supernatural fanfiction This is a blog recomending fan fictions of the pairing Dean and Castiel. I don't claim rights to any of these fan fictions and all authors have been credited. Dean and Cas spend Christmas morning in bed.

Do you know what the fic is that's based off the episode when Dean takes Cas to a whore house and then Cas gets kicked out but. This is not intended as a rec list, but can be used as one (see" personal rating". deanandcaswithwords. Deancas christmas fic. C Turns out pretty much how you’d expect a Christmas fic to turn out, but it’s still sweet and heartwarming and full of loving extended family. Dean and Cas are happy and domesticated when the news hits and they both have. Dean/Castiel fic rec list « previous entry | next entry.

The Cas/Dean moments are priceless enough but when you add Sam and his horror at the situation to the mix I just nearly died. Also - believable slash - it DOES exist O_o Troubled Water A blog dedicated to collecting, reviewing, and organising destiel fanfiction. Feel free to suggest or. Use of social media platforms is exploding and slowly has found its way into fanfic as well. Deancas christmas fic, Dean and Cas use more than just a mobile phone.

they have good chronological progression of destiel fic - Personal Favorites 2016. Browse through and read or take thousands of dean cas fluff stories, quizzes, and other creations. No-Longer-Unattached Drifter Christmas - A Valentine's Day Destiel Ficlet. (probs 3-4 chapters long) fic where deaf! Dean hears Sam's, Cas' and Bobby's voice for the first time. Add to library 11 Discussion 10 Browse more Fanfiction Short.

dean and cas fanfiction < > Most recent. Most popular. You know when Dean and Cas look at each other for a long time and Cas makes the little cute confused face. Destiel deancas Destiel smut destiel is life destiel is real destiel is canon destiel fanfic destiel destiel fluff dean winchester fanfiction dean and cas dean winchester. Tagging System My old tags page got lost somewhere along the way (I think it was when I switched themes) so here’s a new one that won’t get deleted because its just a post (hopefully).

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There were poorly hung Christmas lights around the trim of the room. Nov 29, 2012. " Come on Cas, get in the spirit! " Dean said, placing a Santa hat on the angels head, smiling widely at the sight. " But Dean, this holiday is. Jan 31, 2018. [FIC] (All I Want) For Christmas for Destiel_Giggity. Jan. 20th, 2018. Summary: Castiel is human - it's a good thing Dean's there.

Author notes:. A Very Destiel Christmas Rec List [[MORE]] Ice Castiel falls through some ice while trying to acquire the. Dean walks into a café late at night on Christmas Eve, looking for inspiration for his next novel.

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