Radio station that plays christmas music year round

Might as well just play it all year round. I just removed this station from my choice buttons. Just like retailers, it is horrible to push this on us, ” 103. 7 Play Facebook fan Carrie added. How can the answer be improved? All Christmas All Year Kringle Radio broadcasts directly from the North Pole. It is year round, commercial free and HD quality radio featuring a unique blend of. Top Stations. Merry Christmas Radio.

Celebrating Christmas with music year round. US. Radio Noel Christmas music. France. JulRadio All your favorite Christmas music. Sweden. AccuRadio - Holidays Multi-channel online christmas music station. US. Radio Snowflake Seasonal Christmas UK. Happy Christmas Radio Christmas songs continuously.

LATHAM, N. Y. (NEWS10) – A local radio station has begun playing Christmas music year round. 105. 7, once a home for pop hits, is now playing Christmas music 24/7. It made the switch at midnight Wednesday. Its owners, Townsquare Media, said market research revealed there’s a strong market for holiday standards no matter the season.

And to really pile on, the Duluth station claims to be switching its format to Christmas music year-round. 100. 1 FM Birmingham was particularly nonchalant about the early switch, telling detractors that they should just listen to other radio stations if they don’t like hearing Christmas music in October. This Radio Station is always open for its listeners all year round.

It is not bound in time for Christmas arrival. You could listen to Christmas Songs, Christmas Carols, Christmas Albums, Best-Sellers, and Christmas Anthems like baby Jesus and so on. A local radio station is taking on a new direction this year, by playing Christmas music year round.

Madeleine Rivera has the story. ALBANY, N. Y. A familiar jingle plays on the radio, and it's a sign: Christmas season has begun. " They love to hear the classics. They love to hear Mariah Carey, " said Heather Davis, an on-air personality at 105. 7. Christmas Radio Stations. There are radio stations that play Christmas music all year round and others that take full advantage of the time of year to create a Christmas themed radio station.

Christmas FM – Based in Dublin, Ireland this radio station broadcasts at Christmas. Oct 06, 2007 · Best Answer: That's a pretty interesting question. I did have dreams about radio stations playing a Christmas song in January.

I do not really know of any radio stations that would play Christmas music all year round. It would be interesting to have a radio station that plays Radio station that plays christmas music year round music all year round.

PRESS RELEASE: Radio station launched that plays Christmas carols all day, every day A radio station has officially been launched this week that plays traditional Christmas carols 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year. Happy Christmas Radio. Did you plan a Christmas party, but forgot all about the music?

Don't worry. Just tune into Happy Christmas Radio and enjoy the music. We play you and your guests the most appropriate music. Want to create that Christmas atmosphere at home or in the office? It's easy! Tune into Happy Christmas radio and enjoy. Believe it or not, some people somewhere want to listen to holiday music all year round. And now they have a radio station that probably seems like a Christmas miracle. in March. Billboard Nov 25, 2007 · Is there an all Christmas music radio station in Seattle?

If so, which radio station is it?. 106. 9 is all Christmas all the time (not year-round, but if you listen to it from now until Christmas, it will be)!. What Seattle radio station plays Christmas music?

You’ll love our Christmas radio station on CBN Radio, broadcasting your favorite Christmas music all year round! Let CBN Radio Christmas celebrate with you! ALBANY, N. Y. It's the most wonderful time of the year. And now, it's all year. A Capital Region radio station now plays Christmas music 24 hours a day, seven days a week.

WQSH-FM, once known as. Jan 5, 2018. It has 102 radio stations which plays Christmas Songs. This Radio Station is always open for its listeners all year round. It is not bound in time. Nov 22, 2016. All Christmas, all the time: Some radio stations switching earlier. morning, it will join more than 500 stations in America that play only Christmas music during the holidays. " It's not been a set time for a number of years. ". Christmas music consists of a mixture of genres played around the festive season.

Christmas UK Playing the best in old and new music with film soundtracks. Mar 4, 2015. A local radio station will begin playing Christmas music year round.